I Have Been Lost But Now I Am Found

I’M BAAACK!!!!! Thank you in your patience with my blog. It has been under the weather but is active again. I am excited to share the restaurants, accommodations, attractions, and destinations from the advice of the locals. Some changes that will happen are: There will be a new post(s) every Wednesday of the Week. Look […]

Saving Tips: Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo

Paying Parking…Finding Parking…Waiting in Admission Line…Front of the Admission Line and Eyes Bulged…Fear Food and Drinks Line. These are some of the scenarios that happen on a Brookfield Zoo trip with or without guests. Brookfield Zoo, also known as Chicago Zoological Park, is the largest zoo near Chicago, Illinois. The Chicago Zoological Society manages the […]

Tips on Being A Solo Traveler

I love being able to travel with friends and family to explore new adventures and destinations when possible. I enjoy the bonding through food, activities, and story telling. With life, I don’t have as many opportunities like I want to. Truth be told, sometimes, it can be overwhelming. Keeping up with social gatherings, compromising adventures, […]

Las Vegas: Sweets Raku

  Ever wanted to skip a traditional dinner entrée and go straight for a satisfying dessert? How about viewing a dessert entrée menu that compliments the visual and taste cravings? Sweets Raku provides exquisite desserts while amusing the senses. The charming Sweets Raku is located in a strip mall in Las Vegas Chinatown. Do not […]