About Me

                                                                 My Vision

Life is an obstacle course! Unfranchise Girl is a platform to share reviews,  travel adventures, and volunteer travel ideas. My blog emphasize accommodations, activities, eating, and volunteering through United States residents. It is possible to enjoy vacations through the eyes of the destination’s local. The goal is to assist in your travel planning and humanitarian efforts. I feel the best travel plans do not have to follow trends, a package deal, or tourist traps always. Local experiences can be the best kind of travel experiences.


About Me

 Freelance Writer and Travel Planner

My name is LaToya. Introvert. Solo Traveler. Family Traveler. Spontaneous Traveler. Foodie At Heart. Festival and Art Enthusiast. Humanitarian. Travel Planner. Occasional Rebel. I experienced living across the United States. I noticed that each location their own cultural stories and staples. This motivated me to learn about the destinations’  way of life. When traveling domestically and internationally, I try to keep that goal in mind.

UnfranchiseGirl is my way of figuring things out when it comes to travel and building community service. Most of my traveling consists of the destination’s local involvement. They are the backbone of learning cultures, traditions and amazing neighborhood stories. I spontaneously changed travel plans due to meeting someone waiting on a public bus, eating street foods, volunteering or finding a new spot when I lost GPS signal. I am a travel planner for individuals as well as groups.

When it comes to travel, there isn’t much limitations. If you are a brand that would be interested in working with me, please see Work with Unfranchise Girl, or contact me directly at latoya@unfranchisegirl.com. Thanks for visiting.