Visit to Avery Island, Louisiana

The Wildlife Enthusiasts. The Solo Travelers. The Group Travelers. The History Buffs. Or, the Spicy Foodies. Avery Island, Louisiana is the great for a day trip. Avery Island was named after the Avery Family that settled there in the 1830s. The family started a salt mining operation before becoming a sugar plantation. Currently, business and […]

When In Chicago For A Day….

Chicago is a beautiful city to visit. It has all four seasons to enjoy. It’s really only two for locals, winter and construction. The city is always developing and repairing when it isn’t too cold. There is a constant influx of events and attractions for all walks of life. It is a place for shopping, […]

New Orleans: Maïs Arepas Restaurant

There is more to New Orleans food then Cajun and Creole cuisines. If you want to clean your palette with a Latin flare, Maïs Arepas is the restaurant. This New Orleans restaurant specializes in fresh, authentic Colombian cuisines. The Chef uses local ingredients to prepare the food for its customers. Many of the cuisines are […]

48 Hours in Lakeway, Texas

What do you do in Austin, if you don’t want to keep it weird? Located 16 miles west of Austin, is a town called Lakeway. Lakeway, Texas provides the perfect daytrip or weekend getaway for travelers. Lakeway is easy access between Austin and Texas Wine Country. When driving to Lakeway, one feels the relief of […]