Saving Tips: Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo

Paying Parking…Finding Parking…Waiting in Admission Line…Front of the Admission Line and Eyes Bulged…Fear Food and Drinks Line. These are some of the scenarios that happen on a Brookfield Zoo trip with or without guests. Brookfield Zoo, also known as Chicago Zoological Park, is the largest zoo near Chicago, Illinois. The Chicago Zoological Society manages the […]

Camping Or Day-Tripping In Fontainebleau State Park, Louisiana

Needing a new outdoor adventure to check off your bucket list? Imagine having the option to drive through a green scenery, fishing by the pond, or sunbathing by the lake. Located on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain, Fontainebleau State Park provides tranquility for the outdoor enthusiast. The 2,800- acre park is located a short drive […]

Tips on Being A Solo Traveler

I love being able to travel with friends and family to explore new adventures and destinations when possible. I enjoy the bonding through food, activities, and story telling. With life, I don’t have as many opportunities like I want to. Truth be told, sometimes, it can be overwhelming. Keeping up with social gatherings, compromising adventures, […]

Las Vegas: Sweets Raku

  Ever wanted to skip a traditional dinner entrée and go straight for a satisfying dessert? How about viewing a dessert entrée menu that compliments the visual and taste cravings? Sweets Raku provides exquisite desserts while amusing the senses. The charming Sweets Raku is located in a strip mall in Las Vegas Chinatown. Do not […]

Austin, Texas: African American Cultural Heritage District

Austin, Texas is known for their official slogan, ‘The Live Music Capital of the World’. The city is famous for its unofficial slogan of ‘Keep Austin Weird’. Due to the influx of technology and development companies coming to the city, it has a nickname of ‘Silicon Hills’. For these reasons, visitors come to Austin to […]