Visit to Avery Island, Louisiana

The Wildlife Enthusiasts. The Solo Travelers. The Group Travelers. The History Buffs. Or, the Spicy Foodies. Avery Island, Louisiana is the great for a day trip. Avery Island was named after the Avery Family that settled there in the 1830s. The family started a salt mining operation before becoming a sugar plantation. Currently, business and […]

When In Chicago For A Day….

Chicago is a beautiful city to visit. It has all four seasons to enjoy. It’s really only two for locals, winter and construction. The city is always developing and repairing when it isn’t too cold. There is a constant influx of events and attractions for all walks of life. It is a place for shopping, […]

Austin, Texas: African American Cultural Heritage District

Austin, Texas is known for their official slogan, ‘The Live Music Capital of the World’. The city is famous for its unofficial slogan of ‘Keep Austin Weird’. Due to the influx of technology and development companies coming to the city, it has a nickname of ‘Silicon Hills’. For these reasons, visitors come to Austin to […]