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When In Chicago For A Day….

Chicago is a beautiful city to visit. It has all four seasons to enjoy. It’s really only two for locals, winter and construction. The city is always developing and repairing when it isn’t too cold. There is a constant influx of events and attractions for all walks of life. It is a place for shopping, eating, outdoor sports, learning cultures, and much more. When you only have a day, you must:

A parking structure

Gain a few pounds

You can’t come to Chicago without trying some of its staples. Internationally, Chicago is known for the deep-dished pizza. You got to have Chicago Mix, which is a blend of cheese and caramel popcorn. There are many vendors but try it from Garrett Popcorn Shops. Get a Chicago-style Vienna Beef hot dog from the hundreds of vendors that sell them. It is a steamed poppy-seed bun and dragged through the garden (chopped onions, neon green relish, tomato wedges, a dill pickle spear, sport peppers, celery salt, and mustard) Remember, it’s a Chicago sin to put ketchup on a hot dog. There are the Italian beef sandwiches with heat from giardiniera peppers from places like Al’s Italian Beef. Ask for it wet, meaning dipped in the beef gravy.

A Rolling Stone Statue

Enjoy the art structures and city views

Chicago has many permanent art structures like Buckingham Fountain and Cloud Gate (known as The Bean), and Picasso Statue. The revolving art structures are to promote current special events and/or marketing campaigns happening around town. Check out Navy Pier’s website,, as a great starting point.

Navy Pier’s Crystal Garden

Learn something

Chicago resides over 100 museums and galleries for all interest groups. The major ones are the Museum of Science and Industry, Field Museum (, DuSable Museum of African American History (, and The Art Institute of Chicago.

On the Chicago River

Admire the architectural buildings

Take in the breathtaking Chicago’s skyline. The infamous Magnificent Mile ( can be the starting point.

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